What’s it all about?

Black Cherry Cake Company is the darker side of my main site: Little Cherry Cake Company


      I’m not going to deny….I’m a total geek.

I LOVE horror movies, 80′s flicks, zombies, skulls, rock music, cartoons, Tim Burton, Disney, popcorn, tattoos and general geek filled goodness. I talk alot, I get excited about themed cakes, I’ve been a gamer since I could hold a control pad and I also have to admit that I’m in love with Freddy Krueger and pizza.

Just your average girl then? :)


I LOVE themed weddings too. I believe a wedding should represent the couple. Stamp your personalities all over your day and stick two fingers up to the people who don’t think it’s ‘normal’.

Themed weddings are becoming more and more popular, and I’m on hand to make your cake a talking point!

Not many people remember white cakes with flowers on….but they will certainly remember an Alien vs Predator one right? And if Granny REALLY doesn’t approve, we can always compromise ;)


Most of the cakes you see here will also be featured on Little Cherry, but there are a select few which are too rude, too gory or just plain twisted to show there.

But if your a film geek, gamer or just a little bit crazy like I am hopefully you can browse the galleries without getting caught out by the ‘pretty’ stuff if its not your thing.




You will also find Ed’s. Ed’s are solid chocolate human-sized skulls and come giftboxed for scoffing, centre pieces, gifts, talking points or just to hang out and look cool.

I also have other postable chocolate gifts available from time to time in my shop.

If you want to stalk me, please do! I’m on Facebook where you will find lots more pictures and you’ll see the latest news and competitions. If you’ve got this far and your already freaked out, or if you just want to see what else I do you can visit Little Cherry.





Pssstt…Did you know, if you order a full sized Ed, a heavily themed wedding cake or a horror themed birthday cake you receive an exclusive Black Cherry badge for being so awesome? Well you do now!




Lastly this is the bit where I’m supposed to ‘big myself up’ so…. my cakes have been on TV – Channel 4,  won Gold awards, been in various magazines, and lots of blogs around the web including ‘Rock & Roll Bride’ & ‘When Geeks Wed’. If you want to read about these you can find them here.
I’m also based in the UK just incase you were wondering ;)  


Now all that’s out the way you dudes go and have fun in the Gallery!!